Roscoe (Fostebrie Bretagne ai)

Aust Ch Cacharel Homme De Reves

Ch & Ir Ch SL NL Fostebrie Desire JW

Our journey as a Briard owner started 30 yrs ago when I saw my first one and fell in love.
Fast forward to 2014 when my partner and I began looking into the suitability of us bringing a dog into our family.
Queue lots of discussions and research into different breeds and lots of disagreements ha ha.

November 2016 we made the decision that a Briard was a strong possibility for us but we still needed to do more hands on research; and what better research than finding a trusted breeder and going to speak with them and interact with their dogs.
After some internet research and reading up on the Kennel Club website around trusted breeders, we contacted Carol Foster and arranged to go visit her home and dogs. She sounded pleased we were going to look and ask questions before looking to get a puppy, which in turn made me feel she wouldn’t just let her pups go to anyone.In December 2016 we visited Carol and Phil and the Fostebrie clan.
As much as we had gone there to see their dogs and ask questions of them as a prospective client and Briard owner, it was clear that they were also taking this opportunity to suss out our suitability as Briard owners should we decide to want a puppy from them in the future.
We were very happy that we would have a happy, healthy pup if we adopted from Carol and Phil and that there would be some kind of support at the end of the phone at any time in the future if we needed it.

On 24th January 2017 Roscoe was born and we genuinely couldn’t wish for a better dog. He is loving, great in the house and outside. He loves to play with humans and other dogs – big and small and is great off the lead.
He travels in the car, on boats, trains and busses really well and just loves life. We have a no ‘on the furniture rule’ which has only ever been enforced with a ‘No’ and even when we’re out he never sneaks on. Don’t worry though, he doesn’t miss out on cuddles as we sit on the floor him when he’s not on any of his 6 beds around the house.
Roscoe has the full run of the house and has never damaged anything in the home or car with the exception of when we were playing with his ball and he got his paw caught in the blinds. Briard 1 – Blinds 0; and a chewed wooden coaster.
I would say that I’m bias but you only have to meet him to see you couldn’t get a better dog to be part of your family.Now for the learning curves that we have had as Roscoes family;
Like all young pups he had razor sharp teeth until about 5 months old – these were big and hurt when they caught you. He didn’t like having his paws wiped as a pup so would tell you by putting his mouth on your hand. We soon learnt that he’d rather have his paws showered although now hes grown he’ll just stand there until he’s cleaned however we do it.

Ah, cleaning. Well in winter its all about the mud and continued soggy dog. We ended up buying a new house, luckily it has a large wet room next to his bed room so it’s a quick 2 minute wash and towel dry and he’s done. In summer there is less washing but everything that’s outdoors and not attached to something will be carried into the house. So, we vacuum several times a day as leaves etc continue to drop off him as he moves through the house. His coat from around 10 months to 20 months could be brushed, then he’d spin round twice and was a mass of knots and undercoat fluff which was a nightmare. Now hes now too bad but as he has 2 to 3 walks a day and plays with other dogs in the mud, water and grass etc it takes some keeping on top of.
He really is our shadow, we had to learn quickly to look behind us before turning when stood at the sink or cooker as he gets laid behind us without us noticing.
We did know about the stubbornness trait of a Briard (Think of a 2 year child) but didn’t realise how clever they could be with it. In the early days I certainly caught Roscoe turning some of my training techniques back on me. We had to laugh but also know that you have to have a firm kind hand with him or he like all Briards, will soon be the boss. It doesn’t stop him from playing dead from time to time when he doesn’t want to go home after a walk or the odd sulking session when he doesn’t get his own way but you cant help but love him for it as its part of his personality.As well as seeing his pet dog side, we see his guard dog and herding side too. Its amazing to watch. My friends dog has a natural instinct to bolt and run away and to see Roscoe run after it and bring the dog back to us by his own instinct just blows my mind.

We have had a couple of incidents near our home that if it wasn’t for being brought to our attention by Roscoe we wouldn’t have known about them. Our neighbours love him for this as they feel safer with him around. Roscoe is a big unit and although he is very gentle – even more so with the very young and very old – he does forget his size from time to time for example he will often try and walk underneath my relatives and friends when saying hello. Roscoe is very tolerant and adapts really well to pretty much every situation he finds himself in. His default is to look towards us for instruction or to ask for permission.
The main thing we’ve learnt is if you love and care for your Briard as one of your family, be firm but fair, set ground rules and stick to them your Briard like ours will love and care for you right back. And that feeling is amazing!

We are 2 years 5 months into our journey of having a Briard in our family. With all the research we did over the years prior to bringing Roscoe home, all the books we bought and all the conversations I had on line; Nothing can be valued as much as the initial support and on-going help and support we get from Carol and Phil.
After having 2 operations they even offered (and subsequently took him for 10 days) to look after Roscoe whilst I recovered and my other half worked. We could have coped with friends and our Puppy walker but Roscoe got to go back and play with his Briard family for a short time which he loves.
No matter how big or small we can and often have picked up the phone to them.

When we welcomed Roscoe into our family we also welcomed in (more like the other way round) Carol and Phil.Now a few words from Roscoe..
Hello, I’m a fawn 2 year 5 month old Briard. My dad is Australian and my mother is English. People often ask mum if she puts highlights in my hair. I have no idea what this means but she laughs and says no.I live with my human mum, dad and two brothers. We used to have a hamster that rolled under my legs but he’s no longer with us. (I promise I didn’t eat him – he died of natural causes)
I’m a little bit spoilt, I have my own bedroom and my own wet room. I also have several beds around the house and love to bed hop through the day and night, stopping off for snuggles with the family.
Ive managed to train my family in to letting me out for a wee or to go play in the garden by just standing quietly at the door I wish to go out of. I’m helping them keep fit by standing there several times an hour sometimes. Dad knowns I’m just pranking although mum falls for it everytime.
I have long hair and have to be brushed. I tolerate it and stand on mums dining table now as I didn’t like my grooming table. I would much rather be playing out with all my friends and rolling around in the mud and running through the long grass.
I have a bit of a routine of sleep, walk, sleep, walk, sleep, play, sleep. I’m not often that hungry but love the chicken, cooked beef and fish I get on top of my dried food. Mum bakes a lot of my treats which I LOVE and my friends all like too.
I’m lucky that mum and dad take me on little holidays to the seaside. I love a good paddle (NO Swimming) and run on the sand.
I’m NOT a swimmer, even though mum and dad initially thought that taking me to swimming classes was good for me. It wasn’t, I didn’t like it. I did it but I would look really sorry for myself until I got out of the pool.

We travel around on day trips and have holidayed in England. I’ve been on trains and buses and I loved being on the boats at the Lake District. I am well behaved in the pub, café and all shops I visit. My favourite is Pests at Home (Other pet shops are available)I don’t really like camping as I don’t feel the tent keeps my family safe so I stay awake to protect them. I’m very tired then when I get home. We don’t go camping now. I managed to tell them and they upgraded us to a chalet or cottage. I LOVE it.
Although I do tend to look like I’ve just rolled out of the nearest hedge – because I have - I do scrub up quite well, and my family and strangers are always taking pictures of me. The best thing EVER is spending the entire day with my family and doing what they do. They know that I like to have a run and sleep so we usually keep to that order.
When my family are poorly though I’m happy just to sit next to them. I never pester to go out or whine or bark. I’m very patient with things and know that I will get what I need soon enough. I’m really good at sharing all my toys and my food. Mum always kisses my nose and I allowed the children to take food away from me at a young age so I’m never cross if something is taken from me. I can’t promise not to lick your ears though if you put your face near mine.
I have been in some competitions and to Crufts twice. I’m quite good and have been told I’m an excellent example of my breed. Personally I like to catch up with all my friends and family I see when there. I also like going to classes as I see other dogs there. I do have a tendency to want to be loved by everyone and every dog which mum frowns at me for now and again. I just throw myself on the floor and spread out as far as I can, this make her smile so it must be the right thing to do.
My puppy walker, Aunty Kerry says that I’m her favourite and she often plays later than she’s paid to and takes me to her house to play. I love playing with her Labrador Jess. I think Aunty Carol and Uncle (I love licking his head) Phil found me a good forever home. I only have one complaint – Mum and dad wont feed me custard creams!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our family. There are a few pictures of my friends and adventures below.

Love Roscoe and his family.

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